Children's Songs for Parents

These songs groove and move, and the lyrics are sharp and smart - full of uplifting, positive messages like Believe in Yourself from Green Locomotive.

This music takes chances with sophisticated song writing and rhythms, and it works. It takes you on a nice ride. With echoes of Louie Prima and the Beatles, it is warmly familiar, blended with Jim's own unique style of song composition.

This is kids' music with soul. It speaks to kids' love of infectious rhythms, fun language, and it delivers. This children's CD packs a punch while staying sweet and gentle throughout. The music pleases the ear, and most importantly, the lyrics are entertaining, and hilarious. They are indeed songs for children of all ages, and I'm glad I'm one.

Gordon "Skip" Holcombe - early childhood teacher, music & movement specialist, swim instructor and musician. Hillsborough School District