The children of Mission Child Development Center share a wonderful joy for music with Jim Barnett, or "Mr. Jim," as they affectionately call him. With patience and a kind attitude he takes them on a rhythmical journey of song and movement. Jim's enchanting story songs, filled with both humor and wisdom, guide children through issues of critical importance to them; like how to interpret and articulate their feelings or use their imaginations to problem-solve and get along.

These themes ring true in Jim's lullaby "For this moment", when he sings about the importance, and need for sleep. Weekly sessions with Jim Barnett give the children unique opportunities to explore instruments themselves and discover music through rhythm and the joy of movement. His music is a welcome support for parents and an inspiration for children. Rosario Villasana-Ruiz, Director
City College of San Francisco Mission Child Development Center

As an elementary school music teacher, I value music that speaks to young minds. Songs for Children of All Ages uses music and lyrics that both children and adults will enjoy. Children's music is often overly simplistic in structure and subject matter, but these songs are engaging, with inspired harmonic arrangements, and witty lyrics. Jim's music gets the kids moving, and movement for a young child is very important developmentally. Put this disc on and have a good romp! Brad Barnett Fremont Unified School District Music Specialist

From the whimsical cover art to the unique and catchy lyrics "Songs for children of all ages" is a very special piece of work that my 1 year old daughter and I just adore. The sounds are funky, inspired and refreshing and set me grooving right along with my babe. You can feel all the heart and soul that went into this album... a real treat to listen to. Mika Kleban

This is a wonderful album for children and adults. As a side musician and practicing psychotherapist who has worked with children and families for years, I can appreciate Jim Barnett's talent as a song writer when I listen to these beautiful and thoughtful compositions. Each tune reaches the core of the young developing person, engendering confidence and an all around good sense of being. This album is perfect to rejuvenate the young soul in all of us. I listen to it in the morning and it gets me ready for work. Happiness has certainly knocked on my door! Paul Agustinovich, Ph.D.